Pay no attention to that man wearing No. 12

Eric Chavez is here, but not really, since his deal doesn't become official until he passes his physical, scheduled for this morning.

Or, as Chavez put it, "Officially, I'm nothing.''

Still, he spoke with us in an unofficial capacity at his locker next to Nick Swisher's and seemed genuinely delighted to be back with the Yankees. In fact, Chavez said that if the Yankees hadn't shown interest in bringing him back, he probably would have retired.

"If they had no interest, in my mind I was probably going to shut it down,'' he said. "I had other options but if I was gonna come back, this was going to be the spot.''

Chavez said the Yankees hadn't discussed his role with him but obviously, he will serve as a backup third and first baseman to give Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira some rest, along with occasional DH duty -- provided he stays healthy. Last year, he was limited to 58 games after suffering a broken foot while running out a triple.

All winter long, the Yankees made their interest in Chavez clear, but they, too, must be concerned with his ability to stay on the field.

The question is, how concerned are you with Chavez's durability? Who winds up playing more games this season, him or A-Rod?