Missing Links: Martin deal, Jones in Hall

Let's deliver some Thursday Missing Links.

* With the Yankees maintaining pre- and post-trade that Jesus Montero could be an everyday catcher, Russell Martin's negotiating position was a bit tenuous. If Montero could have really caught, then it is hard to imagine the Yankees breaking out the big cash for Martin. But now with Montero gone and Austin Romine probably not even going to be the team's backup, it seems like a better possibility. Martin went into that with Harper from the News.

“Everybody knows I like playing here,” Martin said in the article. “The feeling of winning is something money can’t buy. But I’ve trained very hard (to overcome injuries) and I plan on doing this the rest of my career. I don’t want to make a rash decision.”

Ultimately, the Yankees are trying to get beneath $189 million by 2014 so a contract will have to be specially structured to help make that happen.

* Is Andruw Jones a Hall of Famer? Well, in this piece by Sherman from The Post, Jones says no.

“I don’t think my numbers are there yet to be in the Hall of Fame,” Jones said. “Maybe if I get to 500 homers that would give me a better chance. With the steroid era, though, this is more confusing who gets in and who doesn’t.”

I agree with Andruw, he is not there. He hasn't made an All-Star team since 2006. But the first 10 years of his career where he averaged .267, 31 homers and 93 RBIs combined with the best center field play maybe ever, he was Cooperstown material. So Jones could be closer than you think. If he hits 80 more homers and makes it to 500 then maybe he enters the Hall one day.

Questions: Do you want Russell Martin signed to a long-term deal with prospects Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez around? Do you think Andruw Jones is a Hall of Famer?