Updated: Russell Martin contract talks

From motivator to mediator, that's what I moved from. Here are some new things to know if you didn't read the updated Russell Martin story from night.

1) Martin's agent, Matt Colleran, told me that he and GM Brian Cashman spoke Wednesday. Cashman has since confirmed that.

Colleran said to me that he expects to give the Yankees a counter-proposal soon. Cashman said that he is open to continuing extension talks, but is waiting to hear back from Colleran.

2) The Yankees' initial offer was designed to be a three year deal, including this season. Since, the two sides have avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year, $7.5M contract. If a new contract were agreed to, the sides would rip up this year's deal.

3) CBS' Heyman tweeted the Yankees would do a three-year, $20M deal. I have not been told exact numbers, but Heyman's figures seem like the range I would expect based on the conversations that I have had.

4) Ultimately, if the Yankees won't go higher, I tend to doubt that a deal will be done. When I mentioned three-years, $24-30M to one Yankee insider, they thought that was too much of a spread.

5) One more point: The Yankees can't finagle salaries so they are artificially lower in 2014 to reach their goal of being below $189M that year. The way the luxury tax works, it is based on average annual value. So they really can't do any discounted deals.