The Translator: Derek Jeter

The Translator is a recurring feature of the blog where we present what someone said and what (we think) they mean by running his words through our high-tech Truth Detector.

THE QUESTION: Mariano Rivera said he only wants to leave on top, do you feel the same way?

THE ANSWER: "For me, the thing is, the question is I was asked, 'Do I think I can still do something?'" Derek Jeter said. "If I ever think I wasn't capable of doing something, then I wouldn't be playing. If I didn't think I was capable of playing the game at a high level, then I would go home. If I wasn't enjoying myself, enjoying the competition, then it would be time to go home. Right now, I think I'm capable and I'm going to enjoy myself. I can't comment on what would force me to retire or go home or stop playing. I have a lot of confidence and I have always had a lot of confidence. If that starts to waver then I wouldn't do it."

THE TRANSLATION: "First and foremost, I'm going to avoid your question and pretend you asked me a different one. Then I'm going to only focus on if I 'think' I can play at a high level and not, in fact, if I do play at a high level. All in all, I'm going to enjoy myself. I'm Derek Jeter, buddy."