O/U: Derek Jeter's average (.292)

In a recurring feature of the blog, we play the always fun "Over-Under Game," in which we will set the line for a player and a stat and ask you to weigh in.

The Player: Derek Jeter

The Number: .292 batting average

The Scouting Report: Jeter finished last year hitting .297, which included batting .327 in the second half of the season. For his career, Jeter is a .313 career hitter.

Our insider colleague Dan Szymborski projects Jeter, soon-to-be-38, to hit just .268. For a more positive outlook, the legendary Bill James has Jeter at .291. I've set the number at .292 average, thinking like Vegas that will encourage people to weigh in on both sides.

Personally, I would take the under with Jeter hitting in the .280s.

The Line: Will Derek Jeter hit over .292 or under .292? (Answers below)