Yanks O/U: Nick Swisher's HRs

In a recurring feature of the blog, we play the always fun "Over-Under Game," in which we will set the line for a player and a stat and ask you to weigh in.

The Player: Nick Swisher

The Number: 25 home runs

The Scouting Report: Swisher came to camp this year with a new body but the same enthusiastic outlook on the upcoming season, and entering the final year of his three-year contract, Swishalicious needs to have a big 2012 in order to have any hope of remaining a Yankee beyond this year.

Last year, Swisher struggled early -- he didn't hit his first home run until April 28 and had only three HRS by the end of May -- but rebounded nicely to bat .260, hit 23 HRs and post a .374 OBP, highest among the Yankee regulars.

This year, our professional projectionist -- ESPN Insider Dan Szymborski, of ZiPs Projections -- expects a slight drop-off in production despite the motivation of the walk year, projecting 24 HRs but a BA of .253 and OBP of .358.

I set the over/under on the number of homers the new, muscular Swisher will hit at 25, since he has hit as many as 35 and belted 29 in each of his first two seasons as a Yankee. I'm picking the over. Say, 27.

Now, what say you? Over or under 25 jacks for Nicky Two Guns? And by how much?