Thursday is (Secret) Bonding Day

Joe Girardi has scheduled Thursday as the day of the Yankees' annual "team function,'' an outing the manager tries to put together each spring in the interest of team bonding. Three years ago, he took them to a local billiards hall for a pool tournament, won by Mariano Rivera. In 2010, they all went to a video arcade to shoot aliens and drive (virtual) racecars. Last year's outing was scrubbed because of a quirk in the schedule. This year, only Girardi knows what he has planned for the team and, like Mo with his "announcement,'' the manager ain't sharing just yet. With anyone. Not even his players.

"This year we've done a good job of keeping it hush-hush,'' he said.

When will he tell them? "Not until we get there.''

Bowling, anyone?