The Translator: Hal Steinbrenner

The Translator is a recurring feature of the blog where we present what someone said and what (we think) they mean by running his words through our high-tech Truth Detector.

THE QUESTION: "Why is cutting the payroll to $189M your budget approach?"

THE ANSWER: "I'm a finance geek. I guess I always have been," Hal Steinbrenner said. "That's my background; budgets matter and balance sheets matter. I just feel that if you do well on the player development side and you have a good farm system, you don't need a $220 million payroll. You can field every bit as good a team with young talent."

THE TRANSLATION: "I'm not like my father. Nope. But this is more like the approach that built the Core Four Dynasty years of the '90s. So I may get a Commissioner's Trophy -- and I can still stare at my spreadsheets. Does life get better than that?"