Rapid Reaction: Jays 6, Yankees 1

What it means: Nothing -- it's a spring training game!

Highlights: Well, the Yankees finally scored a run after 15 consecutive bagels, on a ninth-inning homer by Colin Curtis. David Phelps pitched well, and Dellin Betances didn't get touched up in his one-inning stint thanks to some solid defense behind him.

Lowlights: After a strong first inning, Ivan Nova got shelled (see below). And there's the little matter of David Robertson's foot. Wally Matthews will have more on that shortly. Hint: It ain't good.

What's next: Yankees vs. Braves at The Boss, 1:05 p.m. Friday. Freddy Garcia's up.

I've enjoyed the snowbird's holiday -- turning the blog back over to the pros now. See you in the Bronx.