First Pitch: Grandy & Cano in '14

As we all know, the Yankees want to eke below $189M by 2014 because of the significant luxury tax implications. Thus, an issue that has been raised is will they be able to keep both Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson.

Both players are eligible to be free agents at the end of '13.

"The plan contemplates (Robinson) Cano, (Curtis) Granderson and a full championship team," Yankees president Randy Levine told CBSSports.com.

Of course, the Yankees will be able to re-sign Cano and Granderson, if they want to. It is all about how they put together the $189M jigsaw puzzle. If Cano and Granderson continue to propel into $20-25 million a year players to go with the contracts of Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter, the Yankees will have to make choices.

So, yes, they could sign Cano and Granderson, but that may mean that the Russell Martins, Nick Swishers and some big time free agents may not be signed. It is all about choices. The choices could be made easier if their young players develop, but, still, you can't go on a diet and eat all the sweets you want.

ON-DECK CIRCLE: The Yankees clubhouse is open from 9:10 to 10:10. Then Mariano Rivera is scheduled to make his 2012 debut. I will be hanging back in Tampa to watch Mo, along with Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and most of the high priced Yankees. The game vs. the Phillies is on YES at 1 p.m.

Manager Joe Girardi is making the trek to Fort Myers to watch Phil Hughes make his second start. So keep it here and thanks for reading.

QUESTION: If you had to choose between keeping Cano & Granderson, but having lesser players splattered around the roster, would you make that deal or would you rather sacrifice Cano or Granderson?