Lineups: One you can see & one you can't

The big story in Tampa will be that Mariano Rivera will pitch. It will likely be the fourth. You will be able to watch the game on YES and listen on 880 AM. First pitch off CC Sabathia's hand will be at 1:05 p.m. Here is the lineup, you will be able to see and here and, of course, follow right here on your favorite blog.

Lineup at The Boss

Jeter, 6

Cano, 4

Rodriguez, DH

Teixeira, 3

Chavez, 5

Martin, 2

Jones, 9

Hall, 7

Dickerson, 8

Sabathia, 1

Meanwhile, Joe Girardi is making the trek to Ft. Myers and will send out this lineup.

Lineup in Ft. Myers

Gardner, 7

Granderson, 8

Swisher, 9

Ibanez, DH

Cervelli, 2

Vazquez, 5

Nix, 1

Laird, 3

Pena, 6

Hughes, 1