First Pitch: Reggie -- A-Rod's a HOFer if ...

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Despite, ahem, "one negative," Yankees legend Reggie Jackson sees a way in which Cooperstown could still be in Alex Rodriguez's future.Reggie Jackson thinks that Alex Rodriguez can still become a Hall of Famer, even if he has that "one negative."

A-Rod's Place In Pinstripes?

Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to controversy, but he's also one of the all-time Yankees. Where does he rank?
ESPN NY's Top 50 YanksPhoto Gallery Vote"I think he has a great chance to get in," Jackson told ESPN New York the other day. "He has to keep hitting. He has to keep rolling."

Jackson's point is that, despite the fact that no one caught during the Steroid Era has yet to be voted into the Hall of Fame, he believes Rodriguez can because, with testing in place now, we can go under the assumption that A-Rod is clean.

Thus, if A-Rod can keep hitting, putting up strong numbers throughout the duration of his contract, he may get in. Rodriguez's deal goes through 2017 and takes him until he is 42.

In his career, A-Rod has 629 homers and 1,893 RBIs.

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