Yanks probably worth more than $2B

Forbes has come out with its latest values for all the major league teams. And not surprisingly, the Yankees stand at No. 1 on the list worth an estimated $1.825 billion, according to the magazine.

But with the Dodgers about to be sold for $1.5 billion or so that Yankee number might be a little low. George Steinbrenner, according to a confidant of his, used to say owning the Yankees was like owning the Mona Lisa -- there is only one of them.

"Any sale is always is an the eyes of the beholder," said a baseball insider, who has knowledge of such transactions.

Forbes had the Dodgers at $1.4 billion and, according to reports, they are going to get more than that. The baseball insider thought the Yankees have a much bigger brand than the Dodgers and that New York is a better place to own a ball team than Los Angeles. Hence, the person said the Yankees would get more than $2 billion for them.

(Since taking over for their father, the Steinbrenner sons have yet to show any inclination to sell.)

The person thought that Forbes' number for the Mets -- $719 million -- was too low and that if the Mets were ever put to sale they would be worth more, simply because they are in New York. The Mets may be worth twice that because of their location.

The Yankees also own about a third of YES and it is such a cash cow that it is worth more than even the team and, according a source, could possibly fetch $3 billion if ever sold.

(By the way, Eric Handler, from YES PR, just informed me that on its Forbes show after tonight's Yanks-Sox game, there is a segment on how YES was formed.)