Cashman might read this ...

Dave Cameron over at FanGraphs says the Yankees should send down Michael Pineda to Triple-A to begin the season. Since Yanks GM Brian Cashman mentioned he reads FanGraphs, he may check this out:

However, giving Pineda the chance to begin the season in the minors could benefit the Yankees in two real ways:

1. He gets a chance to build his arm strength back up outside of the fishbowl that is New York, where every pitch he throws will be highly scrutinized.

2. The Yankees will convert Pineda’s free agent eligibility in 2016 into a year of team control through arbitration instead.

While the free agency issue could be a side benefit, I tend to doubt it will much of a factor.

However, Cameron hits on a point that we have mentioned here before, but haven't really gone into much detail on it: Pineda has really struggled with his pitch count and he has been unable to reach his allotted innings in three of his four starts. He has lacked control at times during games.

We have mentioned Pineda possibly going to the minors more than once here (thanks for reading). It is definitely a possibility. At this point, though, I think Joe Girardi is going to wait as long as he can to see if an injury makes his decision for him. If not, I believe, right now, Pineda still has the slight edge over Freddy Garcia.

We will have more on this in tomorrow's First Pitch, with a particular focus on Garcia.