Podcast: Not all "doom and gloom" for Joba

In a Rapid Reaction podcast, Andrew Marchand spoke with ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell about the prognosis for Joba Chamberlain.

Listen to the complete interview:

Play DownloadBell says it is impossible to give a full diagnosis until all the details are in, but it may not be as bad as initially thought. Here are some of the highlights from the five-minute conversation.

* "I think it is too soon to be speaking in total doom and gloom terms," Bell said.

* "It is not as huge of a setback for his throwing arm as you might think," Bell said. "In fact, he was a little ahead of schedule by his own definition.

* “I think the window is still open, it is going to be a matter of how he heals,” Bell said. She thought September or August was possible.

* A lot will depend on when after the ankle bone heals in six-to-eight weeks, how much range of motion he will have.

* The fact that he is a pitcher and not a hitter could help. Kendry Morales took two years to comeback from the injury. Rounding the bases were the toughest thing to return from.