Missing Links: Joba the Dad

Joba Chamberlain's explanation on how he hurt his ankle has been meant with some criticism. Today, Harper from the News and Kernan from the Post both said Joba should have been more careful. Harper wrote.

Chamberlain tried to make his injury sound as fluky as being struck by lightning. But let’s face it, if you’re a 250-pound man, you’re putting yourself at some risk the minute you get on a trampoline.

Kernan wrote:

Asked last night the lesson learned from his terrible trampoline accident Thursday, which produced a grotesque right ankle/foot injury as Chamberlain was on an outing with his 5-year-old son Karter, the Yankees right-hander answered: “I will never question being a father.”

He shouldn’t question being a father but he needs to question the choices he makes. If he doesn’t, the Yankees will question if it’s the right move to keep him in pinstripes.

If you read both columns, they are not as harsh as the headlines, but I still disagree with the sentiment. Yes, trampolines can be dangerous, but, if Joba's story is fully legit, it sounds like a freak accident.

It could have happened in any activity. David Robertson hurt his foot, carrying an empty box down a flight of stairs. Things happen.

Perhaps the trampoline wasn't the best choice, but I don't feel like the activity was so dangerous it should be considered off-limits.

If you take out the hysteria that came with the misinformation in one story about how Joba almost lost his life, I think the dramatics of the situation is greatly reduced.

I agree with Joba. He was just being a dad and an unfortunate thing happened. It can occur, even to professional athletes. In the end, I think it was more bad luck than bad judgement.

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