Yankees win the 2012 World Series!

The Yankees won the World Series for the 28th time in franchise history on Monday night.

A tickertape parade announcement will be coming shortly.

Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte now have six rings each, while Joe Girardi -- fresh off his second championship as Yankees manager -- will be changing his uniform number to 29 for the 2013 season.

Sadly for Yankees fans, Rivera and Pettitte both announced their retirement following the team’s champagne-filled locker room celebration -- and for Pettitte, this time it’s for good.


No worries. You’re not alone.

We just told you the Yankees have already captured the 2012 Fall Classic -- and it’s only April 2. Opening Day (we can still call it that in spite of those two A’s-Mariners regular season games in Japan, right?) is still three days away.

But there’s a method to our madness -- and it involves the national champion Kentucky Wildcats. (Kentucky beat Kansas, 67-59, on Monday night).

You see, ever since 1949, every time Kentucky has won it all, so have the Yankees.

1949: Check.

1951: Check.

1958: Check

1978: Check

1996: Check

1998: Check

2012: ?????

We know, we know. Nothing is set in stone. But seriously, why worry over Michael Pineda's health when you have history on your side?