Phelps the winner in 3-man duel

David Phelps won the battle royal between he, Adam Warren and D.J. Mitchell for the Yankees long relief job. For the past week, Joe Girardi has said "they're all very close,'' and by the numbers, they were, or at least Phelps and Mitchell were. Phelps went 0-1 with a 2.08 ERA in seven appearances and 17-1/3 innings; Mitchell went 2-1, 2.60 in the same number of appearances and innings. Warren lagged slightly behind at 1-0, 4.80 in five appearances, two of them starts.

Girardi said, It was a very difficult decision that really came down to the last day. They’re so close, we just chose (Phelps). He’s a guy that holds runners, has three or four pitches and performed well at Triple-A. His strikeout-walk ratio has been pretty good.”