New lineup vs. lefties leaves Gardner out

Tonight's Yankees lineup features the switch-hitting Nick Swisher hitting second and Curtis Granderson moved down to sixth in the order against Rays lefty David Price, and Andruw Jones, who hits lefties well, playing in place of Brett Gardner. Joe Girardi indicated this could be the Yankees regular lineup against left-handed starters throughout the season.

"It''s something we''re going to consider,'' Girardi said. "It''s something we''ve kind of thought about. You don't ever say forever because a lot of it probably depends on how you perform. It makes sense to us."''

Girardi cited Swisher's on-base percentage of .442 vs. lefthanders last season as a prime reason for the move. "Grandy had a great year off lefties as well, but Swish has probably been on base against lefties more than any player we have, so I thought about flip-flopping them,'' he said. "Grandy has been extremely productive against left-handers, so get some guys on and maybe Grandy pops one."''

It appears as if the move relegates Gardner, who hit just .233 against lefties last year to a righties-only platoon player, an impression Girardi didn't go out of his way to dispel. "He''s going to play against some left-handers,'' Girardi said. "There will be some days that maybe I don''t DH Alex (Rodriguez) or (Derek Jeter) , or maybe I give Grandy a day off."''

Most days a lefty is starting, however, however, it looks like Gardner will be riding the bench.