So much for A-Rod's day off

Since Thursday, Joe Girardi has been saying he would give both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez at least one DH day, and in the case of A-Rod, an entire day off during this three-game series with the Rays because of concerns over the debilitating effects of playing on the rock-hard artificial surface on their middle-aged legs.

Jeter got his DH day on Saturday, but after the Yankees lost, 8-6, Saturday night to begin their season 0-2, Girardi changed his mind on Sunday morning. A-Rod was not only in the lineup, but on the field, too.

“I said we’d talk about it,'' Girardi said, slightly rewriting recent history. "I talked about it with him last night. I re-checked with him this morning, he said he feels great. My guess is I’ll DH him tomorrow.”

Asked if Alex would be playing if the Yankees had started out 2-0 or even 1-1, Girardi said, “Probably, because I asked him how he felt. It needs to be a conversation between him and I, all the time. It’s early. Maybe if we get later in the year it’s a little bit different, but I checked with him two or three times just to make sure.”

Interestingly, Girardi said he did not check with Jeter before giving him the half-day off on Saturday.