Martin yelled at Andino because ...

No one knows for certain, but the feeling was that Russell Martin thought Roberto Andino was stealing pitches after he doubled in the ninth. The two went back-and-forth at each other when the Yankees were shaking hands after their first win of the season.

Martin admitted he started the shouting, but then played coy with the details. Andino did not speak to the media. Joe Girardi said he didn't really know what sparked it.

Martin first said he didn't remember what happened.

"It was a little yapping session toward the end," Martin said. "Nothing crazy."

What led to that yapping session?

"Maybe it was a look that I gave him or something," Martin said. "Is this Sherlock Holmes? Are you guys looking for clues or something?"

After a pause, Martin continued, "I think he was inviting me to a sparring session next offseason. I don't know. I'll get his number. We will talk it over later."

Will it carry over to Tuesday?

"Maybe it will make it more exciting," Martin said.

Martin, you will remember, got into it with the Jays last year over his perception they were stealing signs.