Andruw Jones was not paying attention

Andruw Jones looked as if his head was anywhere but in the game.

In the eighth, Alexi Casilla hit a two-out grounder down the third base line. Casilla fell coming out of the box. Jones, playing left, nonchalantly fielded the ball and instead of throwing into second to try to nail Casilla. Jones casually flipped the ball to third.

Jones seemed unfazed in left, but the fans were not pleased. One yelled, "Look alive, left."

When Jones batted in the bottom of the eighth, there were a small amount of boos from the sparse stands.

In the ninth, Josh Willingham hit a double into the same corner. Jones, perhaps showing a bit more urgency, slipped chasing it. To end the ninth, Jones caught a Chris Parmalee flyball in the same corner. He received a sarcastic cheer.

It will be interesting to hear Joe Girardi's take on the initial play.