Nunez costs the Yankees four runs

Eduardo Nunez's first-inning error was about as ugly as it could get, and hurt the Yankees on the scoreboard.

Joe Mauer hit a hard ball to Nunez's right, which he cleanly fielded. He had time to set his feet and make the simple throw to first base. Somehow, the ball instead ended up approximately 10 feet from the bag, pulling Mark Teixeira off the bag, and Mauer was on base. That out would have ended the inning earlier, obviously, and instead Phil Hughes had to keep throwing pitches and gave up four runs.

Remember, last time Nunez had an error, it took came in the first inning of the second game of the yearand resulted in the Rays scoring some runs off Hiroki Kuroda and the Yankees falling behind in a game they ultimately lost.

When Nunez went into the dugout, he threw down his glove in assumed frustration.