Mr. November passes Mr. May

That would be Derek Jeter, whose second-inning single gave him 3,111 career hits, one more than Dave Winfield, upon whom George Steinbrenner hung that withering tag back in 1985. To Jeter, however, Winfield was a boyhood idol.

"He just seemed larger than life,'' Jeter said before the game. "He was drafted in three sports and I still think he's the only one to be drafted in all three sports. I remember reading up on him. He's the reason I started my foundation. I just thought he was just a larger than life figure.''

Jeter said he had a poster of Winfield on his wall, but not in a Yankees uniform. "He was in a suit and it said 'Class' on the back of it,'' Jeter said. "That's who I wanted to be like.''