Holy Swish! Yankees take the lead

Once down 9-nil, the Yankees have comeback and taken the lead at Fenway.

With a man on and no out in the eighth, Bobby Valentine turned to his closer Alfredo Aceves. Aceves walked Derek Jeter. Next, Nick Swisher nailed two-run bomb of a double off the center field wall. Swisher is having a huge day. He has six RBIs.

And the Yankees, amazingly, have the lead. It is 10-9 with no outs in the eighth.

Update: Mark Teixiera just had a two-run double. Teixeira now has six RBIs as well. The Yankees, after being down 9-0 after five innings, are up 12-9.

Update to the Update: Russell Martin with a two-run double. Derek Jeter with an RBI single as shortstop Mike Aviles falls down after fielding the ball and then throws late. 15-9. And counting.

Question: Where will this rank in all-time Yankees comebacks?