Post-game notes: Darvish for real

Here is a sampling of Yankee reaction to the performance of Yu Darvish, who shut them out for 8-13 innings in the Rangers 2-0 win at Arlington Tuesday night:

Derek Jeter: "We didn’t really know what to expect. It’s a challenge any time you face someone the first time, but he had a fastball, two-seamer, cutter, four-seamer, curveball, slider, change, split. He’s got pretty much everything, and he pitched ahead in the count most of the game.”

Mark Teixeira: “He was good. You hear a lot of guys get hyped; he was everything that you’d heard. I can’t say enough. He pitched really well tonight.”

Nick Swisher: "From being in the box and seeing him the first time, he really short-arms everything. It kind of comes out of his shoulder. First time around, we really couldn’t get much going off of him tonight. We’ll be ready for him next time.”

Russell Martin: “The main thing that surprised me was just how well he just commanded the bottom part of the zone. In my at-bats, I may have gotten a couple pitches I could have hit, but 90 percent of them were either down and away or not even near the middle of the plate.”

Robinson Cano: "He was throwing everything right where he wanted it. I don’t remember anybody who throws that many pitches.''

Raul Ibanez: "In my third at-bat he threw me a very, very good running fastball. It started in the middle of the plate and wound up in the other batter's box. That was a really nasty pitch.”