Debunking the Michael Pineda conspiracy

As Andrew Marchand reported yesterday, Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik denied speculation that he knew Michael Pineda was damaged goods before Seattle made the blockbuster offseason deal with the Yankees for top prospect Jesus Montero.

Still not convinced?

ESPN.com Insider Buster Olney lays out some of the key facts behind Pineda's injury:

The explosion of social media has fueled the desire to identify incompetence, to illuminate failure, to expose the cheaters. Within seconds that news broke that Michael Pineda will miss the rest of the year with a labrum tear, Twitter was flooded with theories -- that the New York Yankees blew it, that the Seattle Mariners knew that Pineda was hurt, that there were idiots and schemers.

It's worth reviewing some facts:

1. At the time of the deal, the overwhelming majority of rival executives thought this was a great trade for the Yankees. Not a good trade, but a great trade. A lot of the same executives understood the rationale of the Mariners and liked Jesus Montero as a prospect, but they loved the Yankees' end of the trade.

2. The Yankees had full and total access to do medical examinations of Pineda, and they took advantage of it ...

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YOUR TURN: What do you think? Do you think the Mariners acted in good faith? Do you think they knew something about Pineda? Do you think the Yankees missed something in his physical? Or do you think it's simply a case of old-fashioned bad luck? Weigh in in the comments section -- and, as always, keep it clean.