Swisher plans to return Thursday

Right fielder Nick Swisher will miss the Baltimore series with a low-grade left hamstring strain, but hoped to be back in action when the Yankees visit Kansas City on Thursday. Manager Joe Girardi, however, said Swisher will probably return in a week.

"It feels pretty good," Swisher said of his hamstring. "Game plan is next three days, just kind of chill, me and [trainer] Stevie [Donahue] get a chance to know each other a little bit better, and plan to get back after it hopefully first game in Kansas City."

Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher

#33 RF
New York Yankees

2012 STATS

  • GM21
  • HR6

  • RBI23

  • R10

  • OBP.355

  • AVG.284

Swisher said he first felt something after his first swing in his first at-bat Sunday against Detroit. He said it was like something "jumped at him" and he felt a pinching sensation. He played through his second at-bat as he earned a walk in the third inning, but he was pulled from the game while he was at first as the staff saw him grabbing his leg.

An MRI revealed that he had a low-grade left hamstring strain. It's the second time he's had a hamstring injury, previously being sidelined for a little more than a week in 2007 when he was with Oakland. He's planning on spending much less time out of action this time around.

"We all decided it would be smart to take a couple of days off and get it 100 percent healed up," Swisher said. "I like to take pride in being on the field every day and to get banged up like this is kind of frustrating."

Girardi said Swisher will probably be out a week and the team will shoot for next Tuesday against Tampa Bay, contradicting Swisher's plan to return sooner. The right fielder said he's going to take with Girardi about a game plan, as he doesn't feel he'll need a week to return. Swisher ruled out any chance of landing on the 15-day disabled list because of the injury.

"For some reason I heard people throwing the word DL around. That's not part of my vocabulary. That's not my style," Swisher said. "I pride myself on being on the field every day."

In March, Swisher suffered a groin injury but he does not believe there's any correlation between that and his latest injury. Swisher leads the Yankees with 23 RBIs and has hit six home runs.

"This season is so important to us there in the locker room," Swisher said. "I'd like to get it healed up and get back at it and hopefully it will be sooner than later."