Get ready for more Nunez in left field

Despite making a two-run error in left field on Tuesday night, Eduardo Nunez will get the start in left again on Thursday and Friday against the Royals.

"Absolutely, yeah, he’s gonna see more time out there," said Yankees manager Joe Girardi, before confirming that Nunez will be back in there the next couple of days.

Why? Well, for starters, regular left fielder Brett Gardner isn't quite ready to come off the disabled list yet. And with the Yankees facing two lefty starters to open the series in Kansas City, Girardi wants to get the young righty in the lineup.

Girardi admitted on Wednesday that he has put Nunez in a tough spot, playing him at so many different positions. The 24-year-old has played five different positions already in 14 games this season -- second base, shortstop, third base, left field and right field.

"This wasn’t a guy that played a long time in his career and was moved around, this is a kid who was a shortstop always, and we’ve asked him to move around and he’s hit right around .300," said Girardi. "I know he hasn’t had too many hits lately, but I think he’s still a good offensive player, and I don’t think that will bother him.

"But I think the moving around and the different throws that we've asked him to make is not easy to do, and we have now expanded that role not just to be in the infield, we’ve expanded it to be in the outfield. But I think he’s handled it OK. Sometimes we can focus on the ball that he missed, but he's made a lot of good plays out there, on some really tough balls."

Nunez is hitting .278 on the season, with no home runs and three RBIs in 36 at-bats.