Girardi: Cano is human

Robinson Cano entered Wednesday with a .255 average, one homer and four RBIs. It probably is just a blip on the radar of another good season. But I asked Joe Girardi if he thinks Cano is paying attention to details?

"Sure," Girardi said. "Robbie works hard at his game. The funny thing about Robbie is that we are so used to him being successful that when he struggles, we are a little shocked. Maybe not quite to the effect of a Mo. But when Robbie struggles, we are all a little bit shocked. We are looking for reasons. What is it? I think sometimes we all want to take the human element out. These are human beings. The other guys are actually paid to get him out. They are supposed to throw pitches that he is not supposed to hit hard. The ones that he has hit hard, a lot of them have been caught.

"I even went out to the mound the other day to talk to the pitcher and I said, 'Look, Robbie, you just lined out. I said, 'Look at all the green out there. You just happened to hit it to right where the guy is standing, how do you do that?' I tried to make a little light of it because it is frustrating when you do make outs. That will change. I guarantee you."