In other news . . .

Devoid of a definitive diagnosis on Mariano Rivera, allow me to share with you a couple of updates on some other injured Yankees:

Eric Chavez: On the 7-day DL with a concussion and whiplash injury suffered diving for a ball at third base Wednesday night. Chavez was released from a hospital this morning and is resting at home. According to Joe Girardi, Chavez sounded "pretty good'' this morning, after having been "a little foggy'' Wednesday night.

"He said he felt like he had been in an accicdent, a little bit,'' Girardi said. "He was sore a little bit. He was much clearer than when I saw him last night.''

Girardi said he did not know if seven days would be enough recovery time for the oft-injured Chavez to return to action. "Concussions, no one really knows,'' he said. "I hope not. Whiplash and concussion, those you just can’t predict. ''

Nick Swisher: Not on the DL, but expected to be out of action all weekend with a left hamstring strain. Nicky Two Guns hit in the cage today and is scheduled to take live BP tomorrow. His return to the lineup is still undetermined.

Brett Gardner: On the DL since April 18 with what is officially termed a "right elbow strain'' but he and the Yankees are calling a bone bruise, Gardner will hit in the cage tomorrow and if all goes well, will take live BP n Saturday. If that goes well, he will be sent on a rehab assignment of as-yet undetermined length.

Gardner said he still felt the injury "a little bit'' when swinging the bat, especially on the follow-through. Asked when he expected to be ready to play again, Gardner said, "I have no idea. No sense in speculating now.''