Column: Robertson was the only choice

This is from my column on David Robertson in the AM (After Mo):

Robertson picked up his fourth career save, but his first as the closer. He said he always has some nerves when he enters a game, but there were some extra in the AM (After Mo). The ninth may be in very good hands with Robertson, but the ride will surely be shakier.

"He doesn't seem comfortable unless the bases are loaded," Girardi said.

Girardi seemed a bit uncomfortable tabbing Rivera's successor. After the win, the 400th for him as Yankees skipper, Girardi said Robertson will be his man in the ninth with Rivera out for the year.

Famous for his binder and loose-leafs, Giradi revealed that he keeps a note card with all his relievers -- from his closer on top to his long man on the bottom.

As Girardi talked about the strangeness of not having Rivera on the top of that card, he got a little emotional. Girardi is rigid and workmanlike, but he's a manager who seems to deeply care about his players.

There was really no decision to make, even if Girardi left open the possibility of closing with Rafael Soriano and not just sliding everyone up one spot on the card in Rivera's absence. Robertson has earned the chance, Soriano has not.

Robertson has now gone 26 1/3 innings without being scored upon and is quickly approaching Mo's scoreless streak of 30 2/3 innings in 1999. He just doesn't do it with the smoothness and ease of Rivera.

"I didn't want to blow my first opportunity or Mo might come in here and smack me around," Robertson said.

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