Andy Pettitte on 'The Michael Kay Show'

Andy Pettitte appeared on the "The Michael Kay Show" on ESPN New York 98.7 FM on Wednesday afternoon, just a few days before he makes his major league return to the Yankees on Sunday.

Click here to listen to the interview. Here are some highlights:

* On whether we will see the same Andy Pettitte that we saw back in 2010, before he retired: "I can’t answer that," Pettitte said. "I feel like I’m gonna be good, I feel like I’m gonna be close. I’m not gonna know until I get into a big-league game."

* On whether he is concerned that his last tune-up outing, at Triple-A, was not very good, and his fastball velocity was not very high: "That’s not even an issue for me," Pettitte said. "I’m watching 2009 World Series video, and that run in the playoffs, when I was probably at my best, and I'm throwing at 87 (miles per hour). ... For me it’s my location -- for me it’s being able to hold that velocity, that 86 to 88 throughout the course of 90 to 100 pitches, and that’s where I’m at (now)."

* On what his return on Sunday will feel like: "I think it’ll probably feel like a postseason game, just because I do sense the excitement," Pettitte said. "I didn’t realize that I would go to Rochester (for his Triple-A game) and there would be almost 14,000 people there. ... I was really humbled by that."

* On Mariano Rivera planning to come back next season, and whether he also plans to return to the Yankees in 2013: "I have no idea," Pettitte said. "We’ll evaluate that at the end of the year. ... I’m committed to this year, and looking to try to come back and help (the Yankees) get where they want to be."