Silent Hal not bothering Girardi

Back in the day, we all know that if the Yankees were in last place on May 22, George Steinbrenner would be going berserk. His son, Hal Steinbreinner, is a different and seemingly much more patient owner.

Far as anyone can tell, he is not bothering Joe Girardi. It is not even apparent if Baby Boss is in regular contact with Girardi.

The manager was asked if he has heard from ownership.

"I've gotten some texts," Girardi said before Tuesday night's game. "Nothing out of the ordinary. One of them was congratulating Andy [Pettitte] on the day he threw the shutout. But nothing in particular."

Was that from Hal?

"It was Felix [Lopez, who is The Boss' son in-law and an executive vice president in Tampa] congratulating Andy," Girardi said.

Girardi shouldn't feel too bad. ESPN New York left a message for Hal on Tuesday morning and he hasn't called us back yet, either.

Meanwhile Girardi made the case that the 21-21 Yankees are pretty good last-place team.

"We feel we are a much better club than what we've played," Girardi said. "We are in last place but every team in our division is .500 or better. I'm not satisfied where we are, but a lot of times when you think about a last-place team you are thinking about a team that is 20-32 or something like that.

"I think we are a much better team than what we have played."