Kevin Long on the Science of Clutch Hitting

We all know the tragic numbers: 0-for-13 with runners in scoring position in Monday night's 6-0 loss to the Royals. Just six hits in their last 72 at-bats w/RISP. Previously had run up a streak of 22 consecutive hitless ABs w/RISP. And according to Elias, this is the 10th consecutive season in which the Yankees have endured a streak of 20 or more hitless at-bats in clutch situations.

So it was only natural that hitting coach Kevin Long was a much-sought after interview before tonight's game. He was asked, among other things, if he believed in clutch hitting ("yes'') and whether he ran any special drills to remedy his club's inability to hit in the clutch.

"We do it every day,'' Long said. "We tell them, 'There’s men on first and second, one out.' What else can you do? It boils down to getting a good pitch, taking you’re a swing and trying to hit it as hard as you can on the screws.''

In other words, go do what you try to do on every other at-bat.