Jeter, Girardi: Cut the Subway Series

With the Houston Astros headed to the American League next year, there is a lot of talk circulating that the Yankees and Mets might only play three games per year going forward, instead of six.

"I've always thought there should only be three games," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said on Friday. "I think there should be a winner every year, for sure. I would actually be in favor of that."

Under one scenario, the Yankees and Mets could play six games per season every three years. During the other seasons, there would be just one series.

"I've kind of always been old-school," Derek Jeter said. "I'd like it if we didn't even play the National League. When I first came up, that is how it was. Hopefully, you play in a World Series and you hadn't seen a team. I understand it is great for the fans. They get an opportunity to see players they don't normally see. I kind of liked it the other way."