First Pitch: Yankees hot, Jeter not

As I've written the last couple of days, the Yankees look as if they are about to get red hot -- if they aren't already.

Everything seems to be coming together. Still, that does not mean there are not issues percolating.

Issue No. 1 is No. 2: If Derek Jeter's first 25 games of the season had been like his past 25 games, then this would be leading talk shows and blogs across the city. So we can't ignore it now.

Jeter had two hits on Sunday, but they were ripped out of the first half of last year, when he struggled so mightily. They were weak grounders that show up as two more knocks in the scorebook, but really weren't well-hit balls.

Still, by going 2-for-4 on Sunday, Jeter is now hitting .247 with two extra base hits and five RBIs in his last 26 games. The leadoff hitter's on-base percentage is just over .300 in that span.

His team lead in double plays is up to 11, which is four more than any other Yankee.

Overall, Jeter's numbers are still very good, All-Star worthy. He is hitting .317. However, after some talk about .400, it is not a sure thing he will finish at .300.

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Will Jeter hit .300?