Yanks, Braves set Stadium home run mark

Al Bello/Getty Images

Derek Jeter got things started for the Bombers with a leadoff homer in the first.On a hot and humid Wednesday afternoon, it seemed like new Yankee Stadium played like it did in 2009.

Or did it?

The Yankees (four) and Braves (five) combined to hit nine home runs -- the most homers ever hit in a game at the $1.6 billion ballpark in the Bronx.

But with the exception of Alex Rodriguez's cheapie into right and Jason Heyward's shot off the right-field foul pole, the players felt the majority of the long balls were legit.

"The balls were barreled up," Russell Martin said.

"Guys hit them good," Curtis Granderson said. "Heyward's ball in right, that is Yankee Stadium. It doesn't go out in any other ballpark, but it goes out here. It had nothing to do with the weather."

"I didn't get a sense one way or the other that the ball was flying more or less," Granderson added. "(Nick Swisher) hit a ball, he thought he crushed and didn't go out. I think all the other balls that were hit were all well hit and they would've gone out on any other day unless the wind was blowing in."

Here’s a look at the home runs and their distances:

1. First inning: Freddie Freeman two-run home run to right center (407 feet)

2. First inning: Derek Jeter solo home run to right (396 feet)

3. Third inning: Martin Prado solo home run to left (392 feet)

4. Fourth inning: Heyward solo home run to right (357 feet)

5. Fifth inning: David Ross solo home run to left (404 feet)

6. Fifth inning: Eric Chavez solo home run to center (416 feet)

7. Sixth inning: A-Rod solo home run to right (351 feet)

8. Sixth inning: Robinson Cano solo home run to right center (403 feet)

9. Eighth inning: Heyward two-run home run to right (371 feet)