Swisher: Whaddaya want from me?

Nick Swisher's explanation of the play that resulted in Ike Davis' three-run home run in the first inning that turned out to be the difference in the Mets' 6-4 win over the Yankees on Friday night was as follows: "I just couldn't jump high enough.''

Pressed for additional details-slash-analysis, Swisher said this: "You want something more? What more do you want?''

Well, it appeared as if Swisher did in fact jump high enough to get a glove on Davis' ball, but that the ball popped out as he came down, and bounced out of his glove into the right-field seats. In fact, it looked from the pressbox and on TV replays as if the ball might not have left the building without Swisher's help.

"It definitely hit my glove,'' he said. "There's no doubt about that. I just wasn't able to pull it in. Wish I could've.''

Swisher and Curtis Granderson both mentioned a "high sky'' over Citi Field, the result of fast-moving thunderclouds, which made it difficult to judge and track fly balls. "I kinda lost it half way but I knew it was going back there toward the wall,'' he said. "I mean, he hit it a mile high. I just tried to track it back to the wall. Once you get to the wall, that wall ain't exactly five feet tall. I tried to get up there and make the play. Then when I got the shot man I just couldn't get up high enough.''

Joe Girardi said he couldn't really tell in real time whether Swisher had a shot to make the play, but had watched the replays on the center field video screen. "It looked like he had a chance for it, but he just didn’t make the play,'' Girardi said. "Tough play.''