Game 56: Yankees at Blue Jays

5:16: This epic game ends in the 14th as Aaron Hill drills an RBI single off Chad Gaudin. The Yankees now will try to avoid a sweep and will try to put Mark Teixeira back together.

Teixeira strikes out five times and looked awful all night.

I'm going downstairs. I will have more later.

5:15: Fred Lewis with a sac bunt. Runners in scoring position.

5:14: Gaudin immediately goes to work, walking Encarnacion.

5:10: Pena steals second, but remains there as Gardner flies out to right.

5:00: Jorge Posada with a long single. Ramiro Pena pinch-running.

4:58: Cano grounds out to first. Jansenn still on the mound.

4:56: Buck grounds out to short. We go to the 14th.

4:54: Computer crashed. I'm back. What did we miss. Mostly nothing, except another Tex strikeout. Blue Jays have two men on and two out here in the 13th.

4:38: Jansenn on the mound for the Jays.

4:37: Park gets out of it. Striking out Aaron Hill.

4:33: Two-out walk to Lewis.

4:29: Chan Ho Park gets Enarnacion to ground out.

4:26: Jeter grounds out.5-3. We go to the bottom of the 12th. Chan Ho Park in.

4:24: Gardner steal second, setting up a chance for the Captain with a man in scoring position.

4:22: The Grandy Man almost can. He nails one to the warning track. But Wells makes the catch. Two-out and it is up to the Captain.

4:18: Gardner with a one-out single.

4:15: Cervelli flies out to right.

4:13: John Buck hits a drive to the warning track, but no farther. We go to the 12th and I'm going to get a second scorecard.

4:12: Overbay with a bouncing single up the middle.

4:09: Gonzalez hit into a 6-4-3 DP. Two-out in the 11th.

4:07: Bautista walks on a 3-2 curve. Here in the 11th, Jays have the leadoff man on.

4:03: Posada hits one to the warning track but no farther. Bottom 11. Robertson still pitching.

3:58: One pitch and Robertson gets Wells to ground out to short.

3:55: Lind hits a shot to the warning track. Swisher, with another nice defensive play, catches against the wall. Marte escapes. Robertson coming in to face Wells.

3:52: Marte in and a one-out walk sets up Adam Lind

3:48: Teixeira strikes out again. Leaves two men on. Four strikeouts for him.

3:46: Swisher walks, setting up Teixeira. Chance for him to change the story.

3:42: Jeter hits a hard two-out single on an 0-2 fastball.

3:40: Kevin Gregg in. He strikes out Gardner to start the 10th.

3:36: Joba strikes out Encarnacion as we go to the 10th.

3:32: Joba gets Buck to pop out to second. Two down. Buck broke the bat over his knee, a la Bo Jackson.

3:31: Overbay singles to right. One out, man on. Tie game. Ninth inning. Good stuff here.

3:30: Joba brought the curve to get Gonazalez. Impressive.

3:24: Yankees get nothing. We go bottom nine. Joba is staying in.

3:20: Scott Downs in for the Jays. Romero out.

3:18 Joba fires a 97 MPH fastball in the corner to get Bautista. Bautista slams his bat down. Inning over, Joba gives up a single and then gets Bautista.

3:10: After two Ks to start the eighth, Joba is coming in for Wells.

3:05: A-Rod hits into a double-play, 5-4-3 DP.

3:03: Good morning. Good Afternoon. And Goodnight. Teixeira goes down on three pitches. Fastball, change, change.

3:02: Teixeira with yet another chance. Swisher with a leadoff walk.

2:57: Jays tie it and we go to the eighth.

2:51: Gonzalez goes deep off Pettitte to tie it. 2-2 in the seventh. Really good game, here.

2:47: Second and third, Jeter nails a liner to Aaron Hill. He caught and dropped it. Then he threw to third to get Cervelli. DP, inning over. Bottom half of the seventh, we go.

2:37: We go to the seventh, 2-1, Yanks.

2:28: 37, 165 here as the Yanks go down quietly in the sixth. Still up, 2-1.

2:23: Line shot that Teixeira grabs and steps on first for the easy DP.

2:17: The Yankees finally get a big hit and it is none other than Derek Jeter. Opposite field, two run shot. 2-1 Yanks in the fifth. He tied Don Mattingly for ninth on all-time RBI list.

2:14: Another chance for the Yanks, here to star the fifth. Gardner begins the inning with a double. No outs.

2:04: Yanks go meekly in the fourth.

2:02: Nifty play by Romero, making the play as he went into foul territory, past the first base line and then he flipped to Overbay, who caught it without getting hurt by the hard-charging Cano.

1:59: Pettitte escapes trouble by getting Hill and Lind.

1:56: Nick Swisher with agreat catch, going up against the wall to rob Fred Lewis of a double. Edwin Encarnacion (who led off with a double) moves to third.

1:51: Scout told me today that the off-speed stuff is killing Teixeira. Change-up, curve, change-up got him there. Tex Ks and then A-Rod grounds out to third. 0-for-3 with RISP.

1:50: The big boys get another big chance as Swisher knocks a one-out double just past a diving Edwin Encarnacion. Here comes Tex.

1:44: Lyle Overbay knocks a double off Pettitte, who seems all or nothing so far. Two out, John Buck up. And John Buck pops out foul.

1:39: The second inning has not been as good as the first for Pettitte. Vernon Wells goes the opposite way for a solo shot. 1-nil, Toronto.

1:35: Russo gets down 0-2 and then bounces out to short. (0-for-1 RISP). We go to the bottom half of the second, no score.

1:32: With two men on, two out and a 3-2 count, Gardner takes a 92-MPH fastball that was just off the plate. Bases loaded for Kevin Russo.

1:21: A-Rod singles the other way. Everyone I talk to says A-Rod's power will come. He'll probably hit 30, but I don't know if he will have much more than that.

1:18: Pettitte strikes out the side. All swinging.

1:12: Teixeira pops out to left to end the inning.

1:07: The roof is open. Beautiful day. Jeter begins with a groundout to first.

Pre-game chatter Update: Marcus Thames has been scratched with a stiff neck. Kevin Russo in left. Russo will bat ninth.

Pre-game chatter: As expected, Curtis Gardnerson is getting the day off with the day game after the night game and the turf. Brett Gardneris in center and the most exciting outfilder in baseball, Marcus Thames, is in left. (He is the most exciting, because you never know what is going to happen when the ball goes up.) ... Joe Girardi doesn't really know, but he thinks that Jorge Posadamay try to do some catching drills by the middle of next week. It really doesn't seem as if Posada will catch for awhile. ... Alfredo Aceves (back) is still not throwing. Girardi said season-ending surgery is not an option at this point. ...

Yankees Lineup:

Jeter, 6

Swisher, 9

Teixeira, 3

Rodriguez, 5

Cano, 4

Posada, DH

Cervelli, 2

Gardner, 8

Russo, 7

Pettitte, 1