Sori's shirt celebration OK with Joe

When Rafael Soriano finishes off a game, he immediately makes himself comfortable. Soriano rips his tucked in uniform top out of his pants, which apparently some believe is unbecoming of a Yankee.

Joe Girardi doesn't mind.

"I don't," Girardi said. "It has been something that he has done. I don't think he has been showing anyone up. You see guys. We have had outfielders who jump up (at the end of games). It is not something that I could ever imagine Paul O'Neil doing. I don't think he is doing anything to show anyone up. That is always my concern, if they are doing it. Or if he is doing something that says, 'Look at me. Look at what I've done.' I don't see him pounding his chest or big arm movements. He just pulls his jersey out. Maybe it is more comfortable."

Girardi said if he felt it were showing up the team, Girardi said he would ask Soriano about it.

"He is not even showing any emotion," Girardi said. "When he does, I don't even see him pull it out."

Soriano has 15 saves on the year, as Mariano Rivera's replacement.