Russell's return likely this weekend

After not starting five of the past six games because of a stiff back, Russell Martin thinks he will be back in the lineup on Saturday.

"I will most likely be in the lineup (on Saturday)," Martin said.

Martin planned on taking some swings on Friday to test his back. He said he feels "good" and the major problem with the back only occurs when he swings and misses.

"The last time he told me he felt good, he wasn't 100 percent," said Girardi. "I'm hoping that him saying that he feels really good and maybe he'll do something so maybe (Saturday) or the next day (he'll start)."

Two More Notes

  1. David Phelps is back with the big club and, at first, will be used as a long man. Phelps said he can throw about 75 pitches, so, depending on how Adam Warren does Friday night, Phelps could be the Yankees starter next Wednesday in Tampa. Phelps said he understood why he was sent down after not pitching for almost two weeks. Joe Girardi told him it wasn't doing him any good sitting around. So, even though he had a 2.94 ERA as a long man/spot starter, Phelps went to Tampa to build his arm strength back up. Ryota Igarashi was returned to Triple-A after one day with the Yankees.

  2. Ex-Met Chris Schwinden was sent to Triple-A, as well.