Return of The Translator

The Translator is an occasional feature of the blog in which we take what someone actually said and feed it into our state-of-the-art translation machine, which spits out what (we think) they really meant.

After a long absence, The Translator makes a guest appearance, thanks to manager Joe Girardi, who this morning provided us with two opportunities to put it to use.

No. 1

Question: "Joe, Kuroda has looked better lately. Why do you think that is?"

Answer: "To me, he's just pitched."

Translation: "How should I know? Ask the pitching coach. Larry!"

No. 2

Question: "Joe, to what do you attribute Robinson Cano's recent surge?"

Answer: "To me, it's just Robbie being Robbie."

Translation: "How should I know? Ask the hitting coach. Kevin!"