Padilla to Tex: Go play a 'women's sport'

BOSTON -- Vicente Padilla just took his war of words with Mark Teixeira to another level, slinging veiled accusations of racism and making a sexist comment in a Spanish-language interview translated and posted by NESN.com on Sunday.

"In this sport, as competitive ball players, we get pretty fired up," Padilla said, according to NESN. "So I think, maybe, [Teixeira] picked the wrong profession. I think he'd be better off playing a women's sport."

Teixeira scorched Padilla at the plate Friday with his go-ahead two-run triple and after the game with his words.

"The guy throws at people, fact of the matter," Teixeira said. "I'm not saying anything that is news. It is what it is. I've always been someone who wants to play the game the right way. You play hard, but you don't play cheap. I've always lived that way, too. Some guys decide to take matters into their own hands. In the NFL, he would probably be suspended by Roger Goodell eight games or a whole season. This is baseball."

Padilla claimed in the NESN story that Teixeira had problems with Padilla and Frank Francisco when they were teammates in Texas.

"The problem is he talks about all the wrong things that others have done, but the things he's done -- against the Latinos [on the Rangers] -- he doesn't open his mouth about," Padilla told NESN. "He once threatened me and said he was going to hit me with a bat, and that's when we were playing on the same team.

"And then, he also had problems with Frank Francisco, our closer back then. But he doesn't talk about that, does he? Then, of course, he goes on and makes those comments about me."