Classy Cano grows up

For a while now, we have known that on the field the Yankees are Robinson Cano's team. He is clearly the team's best and most important position player. There is no argument there.

His experience in Kansas City -- being the center of derision -- exemplifies that he may be ready to take the mantle off the field as well.

Cano took a difficult situation and came across very well. He smiled through the boos. He didn't complain. If you watch the video of his postgame interview about fans harassing his family, he didn't whine. He answered a question in a matter of fact way.

Cano made a mistake in saying that he thought he would take Kansas City's hometown guy, Billy Butler, in the Home Run Derby and then not doing it. The fact that Butler didn't deserve to be on the AL Home Run Derby team over Prince Fielder, Jose Bautista or Mark Trumbo is beside the point. The Royals fans wanted something to cheer for, for once, and they thought Cano was going to give it to them.

So a year after having a special All-Star break with his dad, this could not have been a fun experience. But Cano handled it with class.

I'm not saying he is the future captain of the Yankees, but he handled the situation the way a leader should.