Grading the grades

Wallace Matthews has issued his Yankees midterm grades. So now I get to grades his grades.

I'm not going to grade all of them. But I think Alex Rodriguez is way too high with a B. Andruw Jones -- with two less homers than A-Rod -- is too low with a C-plus. I also think Mark Teixeira (C-plus) should be higher than A-Rod. I would say Tex deserves a B-minus.

Teixeira is hitting .250 with 15 homers and 50 RBIs, while A-Rod is at .269 with 13 homers and 38 RBIs. Rodriguez' OPS is .793, while Teixeira is at .808. Teixeira plays better defense.

I don't disagree with Joe Girardi getting an A. But if Girardi receives an A, then I don't see how Brian Cashman should only be given a B-plus.

Here is what Wally wrote about A-Rod:

He's not nearly the offensive force or fearsome presence in a lineup that he once was, but A-Rod has devolved into a good hitter with occasional power. And with Jeter becoming less talkative in the clubhouse, he has taken on more of a leadership-slash-spokesman role. Even with diminished range at age 37, he's still a sure-handed third baseman.