Mad Cash: For the last time, no Mo in '12

Brian Cashman said two weeks ago here that Mariano Rivera is not coming back this year. Cashman said here that Rivera is not coming back this year, despite what Rivera's personal trainer sort of speculated could happen in 2012.

Now, Cashman has gone a step further, criticizing one of Rivera's doctors, Dr. Keith Pyne, for speaking out of turn and saying he would put his money on Rivera coming back this year. Asked by Sirius/XM's Jim Duquette if Rivera could come back this season?

“No," Cashman said again. "I mean, his physical therapist that he’s working with, I thought was unprofessional and went public with things. I mean, medical personnel should be quiet. And it’s not our physical therapist. It’s someone he’s got that we’ve signed off on. But those guys should not be doing interviews and he provided an interview that was, you know, not a fair reflection of where this player’s at. His over-enthusiasm, I thought, provided improper information. He’s not coming back this year and I wish he was, I wish he was, but unfortunately people get excited. They want to get their name out there for whatever reason and so he got a day in the sun, but he’ll be proven wrong in the end unfortunately. So, he got all our fans excited and a lot more media attention for myself to deal with, but he’s not coming back this year. I wish he was.”