Swish wants to play

While Joe Girardi held Nick Swisher out of tonight's lineup and was lukewarm at best about Swisher's chance to play tomorrow, Swisher himself expected to start tonight and was openly disappointed that he was not.

The normally loquacious Swisher was terse when asked if it was his choice to sit out tonight. "Theirs,'' he said. "It's all right. One more day.''

Told that Girardi had said "he's not quite ready yet,'' before the game, Swisher shrugged his shoulders. "I understand where they’re coming from. I see what they’re saying,'' he said. "No more back steps, you know? Not at this point in the season. As soon as you get back on the field you don’t leave. I'll ba ready to pinch-hit tonight.''

That is, if the manager lets him.