A-Rod is back ...

... for Yankees Family Day, anyway.

Away from the team since suffering a broken hand after being hit by a pitch in Seattle last week -- one city tabloid had him "recovering" in Southampton over the weekend -- Alex Rodriguez made an appearance on the field at Yankee Stadium with his two young daughters, both of whom wore No. 13 Yankees jerseys and ran excitedly around the bases as their father stood and watched from home plate.

From the vantage point of the pressbox -- A-Rod did not appear in the clubhouse during the media access period -- it appeared as if he was wearing a blue splint on his left hand, the fifth metacarpal -- or little finger -- of which was fractured by a Felix Hernandez pitch on July 24. A-Rod is expected to need a month to six weeks of healing time, and then an undetermined amount of rehab time before returning to action sometime in early September.