Girardi goes nuts

DETROIT -- Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who came close to getting tossed from Monday night's game, accomplished his mission this afternoon in Detroit, throwing a tantrum at third-base umpire Tim Welke that got him ejected in the bottom of the fifth inning.

Girardi's contention appeared to be that Welke had misled Yankees left-fielder Raul Ibanez by seemingly calling foul a bloop by Andy Dirks that dropped near the left-field line. Welke then signaled the ball was fair, and Girardi presumably was arguing that the confusing call slowed down Ibanez's pursuit of the play, on which Quintin Berry scored from first to give the Tigers a 3-2 lead.

Replays showed the ball was clearly fair -- it kicked up chalk from the foul line -- but Welke raised both his arms in a gesture that could be interpreted as calling the ball foul.

Girardi laid out his point in animated fashion, gesticulating and screaming at Welke for several minutes, before Welke tossed him, after which Girardi really got angry. As second-base ump Bob Davidson came over, Girardi got more furious and may have initiated contact with one of the umpires. He then threw his cap to the field and raised his arms to the raucous crowd as he left the field, a rare show of emotion -- and humor -- from the normally stoic Yankees manager.

The Yankees had led 2-0 before the inning, but a two-run homer by Alex Avila, the first allowed by Hiroki Kuroda since July 13, tied the game before Dirks' controversial double gave Detroit the lead.